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7 Days to Profitable Blogging

A blog is sometimes called web log or weblog. At first, they were used as
a personal place, for collecting links, sharing commentary – but now; they
are a valid and VALUED form of communication for business people of
all types. From the basics of blogging, to the intermediate areas – such as
social bookmarking, and article marketing, to the advanced techniques
using auto responders and more, there’s something for every affiliate
marketer to put into motion.
The great thing about blogs is that people read them for fun and for
information – in fact, blogging is one of the few areas of the internet that
covers business, pleasure, networking and play.
They do for your company what face to face marketing could only do in
the past – they provide you with a real, interesting connection to your
readers – personalised contact, and information about your company that
will allow them to empathise, and discuss your most important points, and
anything that ties in with hot button topics and your business.
Blogs give your readers and consumers a chance, not only to read and
connect with you, but a chance to comment and discuss with you, and your
team, the information that you’re sharing – allowing them to further relate
to your message. And a consumer that relates to you is a customer in
Our guide covers the very basics of blogging – it skims into areas that
you’ll possibly never have heard of – and cover them so that you can
employ them in seven days – or less.

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